What makesSimple Blissso Unique?

We are a True Plant-Based Cafe and believe in making everything we possibly can from scratch! Sandi has carefully created all of these amazing recipes and will be sharing them with you as videos for My Witchy Kitchen on YouTube become available.

Which ones are your Favorites!?! What video would you like to see made next!?!

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Our Pastries

The Menu

Signature Recipes 


All of our Entrees & Beverarges are made with Love from

100% Organic Plant-Based Sustainably Sourced Ingredients.

- All Housemade items Soy-free & Gluten-free -

*wheat bread options avaiable - NOT GLUTEN-FREE!


organic vegan cafe

& market 

We believe that our Desserts should not only be Divinely Delicious, they should be Enchantingly Beautiful as well.

We carefully Handcraft each delicate pastry with only the Highest Quality Organic Gluten-Free Plant-Based Ingredients, such as our housemade Oat Flour.  They are Low Glycemic & High Nutrient, we use only Coconut Sugar, Dates or Coconut Nectar to sweeten them.

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